That quick Facebook video may make it seem like DIY projects are easy, but even if you’re more handy than the average person, some projects should be left to the professionals. There’s inspiration everywhere online for these projects, but the creators fail to mention just how difficult some projects can be. Designing and decorating the space is definitely a job for a homeowner, but when it’s time to actually start your project, you may want to give a trusted contractor a call, because it can save you from costly potential problems. We’ve put together some information you’ll want to consider before tackling a DIY project.

Time & Convenience

A few of the main reasons that homeowners decide to do their home improvement project themselves are time and convenience. The videos you see on social media make projects seem not only easy, but fast, these videos are incredibly sped-up. This leads to many homeowners taking on projects in their free time after work and on the weekends, plus you can just work on your home whenever you find yourself with some free time. 

Even if you do have the time and motivation to work on this project in addition to your day job, complications can happen and throw off your schedule. Your career, family, and life, in general, can get in the way and severely impact your project’s completion. Homeowners that do their home improvement projects themselves often end up realizing that they don’t have the time required to get the job done.


Many DIY projects have a strong motivation to save money. Without having to pay for the labor of contractors to come to your home, you may think the project will be a lot cheaper, but usually, you’ll have to pay more for materials than a pro would. It may initially cost more money to hire a professional, but time is money, and you certainly aren’t guaranteed to save either by doing the project yourself.Professional quality is worth paying for; if your project isn’t done correctly, it can lead to costly repairs in other parts of your home. Even if you’re a skilled DIY-er, mistakes happen when working with electrical, plumbing, and carpentry, and repairs are usually quite pricey.


The DIY projects that you see online always look absolutely perfect, but it’s important to remember that these projects are done by people who are essentially pros and shot with HD cameras. Some projects around the house are perfect for doing yourself, but others can cause you more headaches and leave you with sloppy looking work. If you’re interested in having a team help you with your home remodeling projects, contact our team at Bucco’s Roofing today!