When To Repair Your Roof vs. Replacing It

A roofer installs asphalt shingles on a residential home

When To Repair Your Roof vs. Replacing It

If there’s one thing that we’ve tried to hammer home through our exterior remodeling work, it’s that your roof is the most important element of your home’s exterior! Proper roofing helps prevent water damage and shields your home’s foundation from severe weather conditions. However, roofing materials aren’t invincible! When your roof is damaged by severe weather conditions or other ailments, it’s important to act quickly to restore your roof to normal. However, there are a few factors that may warrant a full replacement rather than a roof repair. We’ll show you how to differentiate between best practices for roof repair and roof replacement below!

Consider Your Roof’s Age

The first factor to consider when choosing between repairing or replacing your roof is how old it is currently. You don’t need to know the exact date, but you should have a general idea of when your roof was originally installed. You should also have an idea of the average lifespan of roofing materials, which is why we’ve listed the most popular roofing material ages below:


  • Asphalt Shingles: 20-30 years
  • Metal Roofing: 50 years
  • Wood/shake: 15-20 years
  • Slate Roofing: 50 years


If your roof is on the higher end of that lifespan, replacement should be the best course of action!

Consider The Extent Of The Damage

You should have a good idea of how much damage was done to your roof before you decide to repair or replace it! For example, a few missing shingles are a far easier repair job than if entire sections of your roof were ripped off. If you aren’t sure which option would be more cost-effective for your budget, get an estimate of how much it would cost to repair the roof (while also considering the average lifespan). Then, obtain an estimate for how much it would cost to install a new roof. Compare the two prices – will it be worth it for you to repair the roof in the long run? If it’s cheaper to replace the roof completely, you have your most cost-effective option!

Consider Your Long-Term Plans

The next factor in deciding between roof repair and replacement is to consider what your long-term plans are. Do you think you’re going to stay in your current property, or do you have plans to move elsewhere? If you are planning to leave, how long will you have until you do? Getting your property fixed up for prospective buyers is always a good idea, but you’ll have to consider how much time you have to do so.

Roof Repair & Replacement With Buccos Roofing

Regardless of whether you choose roof repair or roof replacement, Buccos Roofing is the best contractor to give your roof new life! We’ll ensure that your roofing offers optimal protection from the elements as well as giving it a long lifespan. If you have a problem with your home’s current roofing, contact us today to rectify it!

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