Meet the Team at Buccos Roofing Company


Ernie Comfort

Mark Easton

Dan Easton

Sales Team

Sam Felicetti

Sales Manager

Chris Wilcox

Project Consultant

Jace Cavanagh

Project Consultant

Matt Mayer

Inside Sales Consultant

Joe Easton

Project Consultant

Corey Buswell

Project Consultant

Daniel Nunez

Project Consultant

Operations Team

Cody Brown

Project Manager

Mike Davidson

Inside Operations Manager

Marshall McClure

Repair Manager

Buck Rodgers

Logistics Manager

Manuel Padilla

Project Manager

Manny Ortega

Project Manager

Jack Courtney

Repair Manager

Mark DeSchon

Project Manager

Buccos logo

Brian Frotten

Project Manager

Ernie Kisner

Assistant Project Manager

Jack Gibbons

Project Manager

Office Support and Marketing

Mike Bucci

General Manager

Nick Slattery

Monroeville Branch Manager

Bobby Butler

Human Relations Manager

Joe Coffey

Supply Distribution and Fleet Manager

Ryan Best

Accounts Receivable & Payable Manager

Kathy Bucci

Customer Service Representative

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