Is Siding Purely Decorative?

A closeup of a home's exterior with blue siding at sunset

Is Siding Purely Decorative?

Fitting your home with the proper exterior elements will do wonders for its health. It can help protect your home from the worst weather conditions that your area has to offer while saving you lots of money in repair costs! An element that is usually not given much attention in this regard is your home’s siding. Many people seem to be under the impression that siding isn’t all that important. It can be a useful addition to your home in terms of property value, but what other benefits does it really offer? There are actually more than you think; we break down some noteworthy examples below!

Increased Energy Efficiency

If you’ve had your home’s current siding for a while now, take some time to study your past energy bill costs. You may notice an interesting pattern in the winter months, with the total cost increasing year over year. Believe it or not, your home’s siding plays a role here! Siding can give your home a significant buffer between it and the cold weather outside, leading to increased energy efficiency in your home. It can save you more money than you realize!

Protection From The Elements

When you think of the home exterior feature that gives you increased protection from elements like wind, rain and hail, you’ll likely think of your roof. What if we told you that it wasn’t the only thing that helped? Your home’s siding plays just as big of a role in protecting your home from the elements! It prevents any damage to your home’s foundation as well as preventing water damage throughout your home. Having the right siding can save your home from disastrous repair costs!

Protects From Pest Infestations

If your home’s siding is on the older side, there are some hidden downsides that it brings with it. Suppose that your old siding suffers some damage during a severe storm. That damage brings cracks with it, which can serve as a free invitation for pests to come and infest your home. They can gnaw away at and seriously damage your home’s structure! New siding isn’t as maintenance-heavy and is extremely durable, and both of these qualities work to protect your home from pest infestations. There will be far less of a need to contact an exterminator!

New Siding With Bucco’s Roofing

Bucco’s Roofing has helped to connect homeowners in the Pittsburgh area and beyond with the best siding products on the market. We’ll help your home do the same with our high-profile siding installation services! We carry some of the world’s top siding manufacturers – including the fiber-cement siding from James Hardie. If your home needs new siding, contact us today to be put in the best hands!

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