Do’s & Don’ts Of Roof Maintenance

A team of four roofing contractors works to repair an asphalt roof at daytime

Do’s & Don’ts Of Roof Maintenance

If you were to ask any exterior remodeling contractor what the most important element of your home is, they’d likely all have a similar answer: your roof! There’s a reason why opinions on this matter are so unanimous here. Your roof is an important element of defense against water damage, which is especially true for the foundation. They prevent a variety of different types of water damage if they function correctly. The key to their success is how well they are maintained. There are plenty of tricks that can help and harm your home, so it’s important to know exactly what to do for roof maintenance. We give you a guide to our best tips and practices below!

Do: Prune Tree Branches Around Your Property

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your roof is actually something that you should be doing for your gutter systems! Pruning the tree branches around your property can prevent the risk of them affecting your roof. Because of their massive height in comparison to your roof, the impact that falling branches can have on it can be devastating. The more you prune your trees within reason, the less of a chance this stands of occurring.

Don’t: Conduct Major Repairs On Your Own

There are a few roofing problems that you can fix entirely on your own, but there’s one thing that all of them have in common: they are smaller issues that don’t require much professional aid to fix, such as a missing shingle. Any damage that is more extensive than that should be handled by a professional. If you do the opposite, it could affect your roof’s warranty – and the overall lifespan of the roof!

Do: Consider Your Repairment Options Carefully

As the most crucial home exterior element to the overall health of your property, you should treat your roof like it’s an investment. Let’s say that you’ve found a major issue and you’re trying to get it repaired. Not just any option will do here! Getting cheaper repair options may save you money in the short term, but it will hurt you in the long run. You should only be looking at roofing contractors that can extend your roof’s lifespan – not subtract from it!

Don’t: Neglect Roofing Ventilation

The parts of your roof you can see inside of your home are just as important as the outside! A healthy and well-functioning roof has to have the necessary ventilation to promote proper airflow. There’s a big problem that can arise during the winter months if this trait isn’t given attention: ice dams! Ice dams are tricky to deal with and even more expensive to repair, so the best way to prevent this unwanted cost is to invest in roofing ventilation.

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