DIY vs. Professional Roof Inspections

A man in a hard hat conducts a roofing inspection

DIY vs. Professional Roof Inspections

If there’s one point that we’ve tried to emphasize with our blog page, it’s that your roof is easily your home’s most important exterior element! Because it accomplishes a variety of tasks and prevents disaster from striking, it should go without saying that it deserves the best possible care. In the event that a severe storm or other obstacle impacts your roof, it’s wise to get a roof inspection performed. You’ll have two options in order to perform this: doing it yourself or hiring a professional. Trusting the pros is always the wisest choice – we’ll show you exactly why this is below!

Professionals Know What To Look For

While some roofing problems are easy to spot from the ground, that doesn’t mean that all of them are! The average homeowner likely isn’t going to know everything to look for during a roof inspection, which means that critical errors can go unresolved. Failure to account for all of the damages can drastically increase your chances of a roof leak the next time a rainstorm hits! When you hire a professional roof inspection team, you’ll never have to worry about anything falling through the cracks. They’ll successfully identify every problem using their expertise and knowledge of roof problems.

There’s A Lack Of Documentation

Many types of roof damage – especially those related to severe storms – can be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. It’s also a good set of files to have in the event that you sell your home in the future. Hiring a professional for your roof inspection job guarantees that you’ll get full documentation regarding all of the problems, their plans for fixing them, and how much everything will cost. Without this documentation, selling your home could be significantly harder! It will also be more difficult to get an insurance claim approved, making it less cost-effective in the long run. Not to mention that it may fall outside the scope of your roofing warranty!

Professionals Offer Preventative Maintenance

A thorough roof inspection won’t just identify problems that already exist! When you work with a roofing company, they’ll be able to examine and showcase weak points that could turn into issues in the future. By having a keen eye for what symptoms can turn into larger problems, roofing professionals can enact preventative maintenance to ensure that you don’t bear the brunt of costly repairs in the future. DIY roof inspections miss out on this important step, which is another blow to their cost-effectiveness.

Roof Inspections & Repairs With Buccos Roofing

The Pittsburgh area is known for its chaotic weather at times! Since it has to bear the brunt of the four seasons, you need to constantly ensure that your roof has what it needs to brave the elements. Buccos Roofing has been Pittsburgh’s trusted roofing contractor for decades, and we’ll use our expertise to successfully identify and repair any blemishes your roof may have. We’ll even help you file the insurance claims to solidify your coverage! When you need a roofing professional around Pittsburgh, there’s no better option than Buccos. Click here to contact us directly and extend your roof’s lifespan!

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