Roofs go through the most wear and tear out of any exterior component of your home, taking the biggest brunt for rain, snowstorms, harsh winds, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures on both sides of the spectrum. And while a properly installed, well-shingled roof can go a long way, it is by no means infallible, and should have an inspection done regularly. The National Roofers Contractors Association recommends that your roof be inspected twice, once after the coldest weather, and once after the hottest. With summer now in full swing, we recommend planning in advance to get a roof inspection done at the end of the season. Here are 3 reasons why.

Weathering and Aging

A roof’s primary source of degradation is obviously from the weather, which in addition to the conditions that your roof are built to handle, can often throw something significantly more stronger, such as a surprise storm or intense heatwave. This constant barrage leads to the aging of your roof, as things like the granules of your shingles or the fascia along your gutters start to get weaker. These tend to be most frequent during the summer and winter months, where the weather tends to be at it’s strongest.

Routine Maintenance Damage

Somewhat surprisingly, many of a roof’s most common problems stem not from weather conditions, but the conditions of the surrounding components of the home. Leaking air conditioners, blocked gutters, and much more are often the cause for numerous roof issues, sometimes even more so than the weather. However, they usually aren’t as obvious as a missing or worn-out roof shingle, leading these problems to more often go unnoticed until it’s too late. Avoid this scenario by getting an inspection done.

Storm Damage

Strong winds, intense rain, hail storms and more all can quicken the aging of your roof through pushing beyond the limits it was designed for, and sometimes can even cause immediate damage. These may not always be obvious, but like any other damages, they will worsen over time. In the event of a sudden storm, it is in good practice to get your roof inspected immediately after to catch any damages before they occur.

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