Why Roof Maintenance is Important

Why Roof Maintenance is Important

Even the highest quality roof installation will require at least some level of maintenance. All roofing materials break down over time, degrade and lose strength over time due to weather and the environment. To ensure that your roof lasts to it’s projected lifespan and beyond, maintenance is critical. No one really looks forward to doing maintenance around the house, especially when equipment like ladders are involved. Your roof helps protect you and your family, show some love back, and help keep your roof safe and working correctly.

Types of Maintenance

Roofing Inspection

Having your roof inspected regularly is paramount in protecting your home from the elements. Inspections should be done more frequently if we’ve experienced a stormy winter. You’ll want to have the inspection done by a professional that knows what kinds of issues to look for and how to fix them.

Roofing Leak Repairs

Even a small leak in your roof shouldn’t go ignored. A small leak can easily become a larger one and require a repair or even a full roof replacement. Due to the nature of leaking water, you should contact a roofing professional immediately before it can spread beyond your roof and cause expensive damage.

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Just like with inspections, you’ll want to clean your roof and gutters regularly. Trimming any branches that could be hazardous to your roof in the event of a storm is one way to help keep debris off of your roof and gutters. Debris like dirt, branches, and winter weather can accelerate your roof’s deterioration when they clog your gutters and allow water to flow freely to places it shouldn’t!

Save Money

A new roof can cost a lot of money, depending on the materials used and the contractor doing the work. A small amount of work now can save you time and money down the road, so be sure to check on your roof after big storms to prevent big, costly damage later.

Protect Your Investment

If you’ve had your roof replaced recently, you’ll want to protect your investment by performing regular maintenance and having minor repairs fixed. Ask the installers what else you can do to help keep your roof intact and as good as the day you bought it. Performing regular maintenance also ensures that your roof’s warranty stays valid since you’re fulfilling your end of the bargain by completing routine maintenance.

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