What Are Fascia Boards & Soffits?

Soffit and fascia

What Are Fascia Boards & Soffits?

The roof of your home is extremely important. While there are many different parts to your roof, you should know that two of the most important parts are the fascia boards and the soffit. If you aren’t sure what these pieces are or what problems may arise within them, keep reading to learn more!

What Are The Fascia Boards and Soffit?

The fascia boards run horizontally along the edge of your roof. They help with supporting your gutters. The soffit is found under the eave of your roof. It is underneath fascia boards and closes the gap from the roof’s edge to the house’s wall. You can see these when you look up at your roof when standing on the ground.

What Roles Do These Have in Your Roof System?

The soffit will usually have smaller vents or holes in it. The air goes through these vents or holes to circulate through your attic. The vents work to cool down your roof and flush out the moisture and heat in your attic. This way the moisture and heat don’t damage the inside of your rafters or sheathing on the roof.

On the other side, you have your fascia boards. These help with protecting your roof and the inside of your house from harmful elements. They block the moisture from damaging your roof system. They also help prevent damage to the foundation of your home. The fascia boards serve as trim for the edges of your roof to make the roof seem clean and smooth.

What Common Problems Are Seen with Fascia Boards and Soffit?

Improper gutters are the main cause of many of the fascia board problems – mainly water damage. Fascia boards can become soaked if the gutters on your home have holes in them or if they are full of debris. The water can get backed up or even start overflowing. The continued moisture exposure can make the boards feel spongy and become a breeding ground for algae and mold. Water that leaks from the gutters is also going to make the soffit rot, as well.

Nesting animals might come through the vents and chew on the boards. In addition, if you have overgrown branches that are covering your roof, these can puncture your soffit boards.

Should You Ever Ignore Water Damage to the Fascia Boards or Soffit?

You should not ignore any water damage that is done to the fascia boards or soffit. The longer you let the water damage sit, the more damage that is going to be done.


This is the information you need regarding roof fascia boards and soffits. Now you can do what needs to be done to prevent water damage on your roof.

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