Signs That Your Gutters Need to Be Replaced

Signs That Your Gutters Need to Be Replaced

Gutters have the important job of keeping water away from your home. Water can destroy your roof, windows and siding if you don’t have gutters working properly to protect your home. Gutters aren’t a costly repair themselves but neglecting them could lead to more expensive repairs, even issues with your home’s foundation.


If you have gaps in your gutters, they aren’t able to work to their full potential. Water can flow right through the gaps, if you have them, replace your gutters as soon as possible.


Gutters pulling away from the home or sagging are a sign that the brackets your gutters are attached to are loose. Be careful, if your gutters are sagging, they’re at risk to fall off and cause possible damage.


If your gutters are made of metal, they are prone to rust throughout their lifetime. With excessive rainfall comes the increased chance of rust occurring and weakening your gutters. If you’ve had metal gutters for a long time, it’d be a good idea to check for rust damage.

Water Marks

Water marks come in the form of discoloration, they can spring up on your home’s exterior, fascia, and downspouts. If you notice that your gutters aren’t the same color now as when you bought them, it’s very possible that you have moisture damage on the exterior of your home.

Pooling Water

If there is standing water in your gutters, it’s likely that they aren’t draining properly. There may be a blockage somewhere in your gutters or downspout. If unblocking your gutter or downspout still doesn’t fix the issue, you may need new gutters.

Peeling Paint

Paint peels when exposed to constant moisture, most modern paints can withstand water better than older paint, but if you’ve got paint flaking around your gutters, it’s time for new gutters.


If you start to notice some mold around your roof, gutters, or even if your basement, then your gutters aren’t working properly.

Water Overflow

Overflowing could be a sign of improperly installed, incorrectly sloped, or poorly designed gutters that are far too narrow for your home. If your downspout is still draining water normally, but your gutters are still overflowing, it’s time for some new gutters.

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