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Mark H.

The flat roof on mom’s house started leaking after ice blocked the roof’s drain. Bucco’s was out in less than two weeks and replaced the entire roof (gable roofing on the main house and a flat roof on the addition). They added gutters, ridge vents, flashing, and a new vent for a bathroom exhaust fan. On the flat roof they added rigid foam insulation to what was already there and covered that with a rubberized ice/water protective sheeting. Not only were they fast and do a great job, but they also fixed holes squirrels made in our shed, re-hung bird feeders they found on the ground, re-raised a privacy fence that had fallen down, and even helped get rid of cardboard and trash mom had in the garage. Unfortunately, some seams in the flat roof failed within 8 months because the work was done in the middle of winter and the adhesive couldn’t cure properly. But Bucco’s warranty agent, Vince, inspected the roof and authorized, and personally supervised, the total replacement of the flat roof. It was all done in a couple weeks (impressive considering the supply chain problems at the time). With good weather this time, the roof was done perfectly! They even designed and installed a custom leaf guard for the roof drain that should prevent future blockages. As an added bonus, they installed deicing cables at the same time. Bucco’s really went above and beyond. I’d definitely recommend them for any type of roofing work.

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