How To Spot A Roofing Scam

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How To Spot A Roofing Scam

Your home’s roof is arguably the most important piece of your home’s exterior. It functions as the umbrella of your home, keeping your property protected from the elements and pests, as well as providing your home with curb appeal and resale value. With so much to gain from having a well-maintained roof, it is important to ensure that your roof is kept in good repair! However, some contractors know how important your roof is, and they will try to convince you that your home is in need of a roof repair when it’s not, or they will provide you with a low-quality roof replacement. If you’re interested in learning more about how to spot a roofing scam, take a look at our blog to help you identify the warning signs!

Selling Services Door-to-Door

One of the first signs of a roofing scam is a contractor that shows up to your door out of the blue, telling you that your roof needs to be replaced immediately when you had no idea that your roof was in need of repairs. Oftentimes these contractors will show up after a storm to pray on homeowners who were just faced with high winds or other extreme weather and convince homeowners that the damage needs to be repaired immediately. They go door-to-door after a major storm event in hopes that they can find homeowners who are looking for a quick fix. They try to replace these roofs as quickly as possible, and then leave town before homeowners realize the poor quality of the work and give them no way to remain in contact.

They Ask To Get On Your Roof

Another clear sign of a roofing scam is when the man who just showed up and your door telling you that you have roof damage then asks to get up on your roof. Before allowing a contractor on your roof, ensure that they are vetted and you trust them, as a scammer may ask to get onto your roof just so they can cause more damage in order to convince you to hire them on the spot!

They Complete Repairs Promising Your Insurance Will Reimburse You

If a mysterious contractor appears at your door one day and convinces you to pay them for repair services under the ruse that your insurance company will reimburse you for the work, don’t use their services. A roofer that shows up at your door claiming that your insurance will cover it before they’ve even seen your insurance policy is a clear sign of a scam. If you haven’t discussed your insurance policy with the contractor but they insist on starting work with a down payment under claims of reimbursement, tell them you’re not interested!

They Pressure You To Sign A Contract Today

Another sign that you are facing a roofing scam is when the contractor pressures you to sign a contract the day of the estimate with a large down payment. While it is not unusual for a contractor to require a down payment before beginning the work, if they require a large deposit that day or they insist that the rates may change if you don’t lock in, that is usually a sign of a scam. A reputable roofer will understand that most homeowners shop around a bit before deciding on a contractor.

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