Thanks to its exceptional durability, aesthetics and a number of other great benefits, vinyl siding is a common choice for both homeowners and business owners alike. This article will briefly go through a few of those benefits, in order to shed light on vinyl siding as a decorative, weatherproof siding option.

A Vast Selection

Thanks to the sheer amount of styles (log, beaded, dutch lap, board & batten, cedar shake, etc.), trims, textures, and shaping – not to mention the many decorative accessories – there’s ample room for personalization! And that’s before you take coloring into consideration. What this means is buyers can really shop around and get the best deal on the materials they want for their home’s exterior.

The Ultra-Durability of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl isn’t impervious to destruction but it’s dent-resistant, resilient against severe weather conditions which would quickly breakdown other materials, and it stands up well against splitting, rot, warping, or insects. Furthermore, along with being mold and mildew resistant, color on vinyl siding also holds up well when exposed to the elements (but make sure the color you choose meets performance standards).

Low Maintenance Requirements

Thanks to all that dependability and durability, owners find maintenance is minimal. There’s little cause for major maintenance or costly repairs. If it gets dirty, just quickly rinse it off with a hose. For more stubborn smudges or spots, some warm soapy-water scrubbing should do just fine to remove any grime. For white or lightly-colored vinyl that’s been around a long time, a thorough pressure wash should take care of most anything.

Simple Installation

Vinyl is lightweight, uniform, and most find it incredibly easy to install on small to medium-sized projects. Even larger projects, for example, the entire exterior walls of a sizeable home or large garage with lots of windows and doors, it’s definitely a project that can be done solo or with the help of a couple of friends. This translates into far lower installation costs compared to something like roofing installation or completely refurbishing the bathrooms.

A Savvy Investment Option

Vinyl siding comes with great warranties, often lifetime, non-prorated, and transferable. Coupled with the aforementioned benefits and cost-saving aspects, it’s a smart home improvement investment with demonstrated ROI.

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As a final note on vinyl siding, it definitely enhances the overall curb appeal of a property vs. something like conventional paint. There’s no peeling to worry about, or chipping and flaking which needs to be scraped, primed and repainted. It’s easy to see why, given all these benefits of vinyl siding, it’s such a common choice for home and even many types of business owners.If you’re interested in installing vinyl siding on your home’s exterior, our team at Bucco’s Roofing is ready to assist! Reach out to our team today by calling us at (724) 554-6224 or by filling out our team’s online contact form! We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your exterior remodeling needs!