As your roof gets older, its quality and integrity are likely to worsen.  Although roof replacement can be a big decision for homeowners, there are many accompanying benefits that may make it worthwhile.

SafetyAn aging roof experiences a myriad of weather-related stresses. The longer a roof has been exposed to the environment, the more likely it is to weaken. In some cases, the roof may begin to sag. If there are leaks, rotting may occur. A weakened roof can be dangerous and can be a risk to your family. A new roof is an excellent way to ensure a safe living environment.

WarrantyWhen you get a new roof installed, it will most likely come with a manufacturer warranty that will protect you against problems stemming from defective materials. Just make sure you hire a certified contractor who can provide a long-term manufacture warranty. The length of the warranty is significant because many problems do not manifest themselves until a few years after installation.

Peace of MindDepending on what they are made of, new roofs can last anywhere from 10-30 years. By replacing an old roof with a new one, you are giving yourself many years in which you can rest easy knowing that you will not have to stress about the safety or quality of your roof.

AestheticsAging roofs tend to develop specific visually unpleasant problems such as curling or balding shingles, sagging, and mold. If your roof is experiencing any of these signs of age, a new roof will make your home more attractive.

Home ValueMany homeowners replace their roof before selling to raise the value of their home. If you are considering selling your home in the future, you may want to consider replacing your roof. Not only will the new roof add the benefits mentioned above to your home, but you will also likely make back a significant portion of what you paid for it when you sell.

Energy EfficiencyA new roof can help you save money on your energy bills. With proper installation, a new roof can help to create a comfortable living space by minimizing temperature fluctuations. With a newly installed roof, you will have a more pleasant and cost-effective home.

Your roof is essential to the overall safety and comfort of your home. With so many potential benefits, roof replacement can be a necessary step toward a creating a home that is both safe and long-lasting. With years of experience and industry knowledge, Buccos Roofing can provide you with a roof that you will protect your family for years to come.